10th Year Anniversary Edition: The Portrait

The tributes to the life and career of Lady Diana continue with this lavish production, authorized by her estate and Memorial Fund. Coming as it does with that seal of approval, it should be no surprise to readers that this large, glossy book is tasteful and keenly decorous. Its also rich with photos from just about every one of Dianas 36 years. Many images and testimonies will be familiar to her fans but someparticularly the ones depicting her early years dancing and swimming, attending boarding school and working at her first jobhave never been published. Unfortunately, Coward doesnt pair the pictures with captions, so if one isnt familiar with every detail of Princess Dianas history, it can be frustrating to try to decipher what the images show. The text relies primarily on interviews with those who knew (or even briefly encountered) the princess, from photographers to lawyers, fashion designers to fellow aid workers. Predictably, they all speak reverentially of her, but the extensive quotations set the book apart from many Diana biographies and show just how far her influence extended ("All the landmine stuff was jolly brave," says Sandy Gall of Afghanistan Appeal; "She made me more nervous than many military opponents," reflects Colin Powell, who led her to the dance floor at a charity gala for cancer). Coward is careful to show numerous facets of her subject, though the theme of Dianas extensive humanitarian work dominates, while difficulties in her personal life are downplayed. Beautiful new book with sturdy softcovers and french flaps.

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