Diana in Art - New Hardcover

A loving remembrance of "The People's Princess". Diana, Princess of Wales, became the queen of people's hearts. Her genuine warmth and ability to empathize with others, young and old alike, earned her overwhelming affection around the world and her beauty and charisma made her an instant star with the world's press. As she grew into her new role as wife, princess, mother and ambassador of worthy causes, so did her confidence as a royal cover girl and fashion icon. She would appear on the front pages of magazines and newspapers around the world on a daily basis. Now Mem Mehmet has gathered together 300 beautiful and varied paintings that celebrate the life of Diana, the People's Princess. Diana in Art features portraits from over 150 artists from around the world including Brian Organ, whose seminal image is now hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in London, Israel Zohar, Duggie Fields, and Andre Durand. The book features American artists including the jacket artist Susan Goulet, as well as Andy Warhol and Ralph Wolfe Cowan (whose portrait of Elvis hangs in Graceland), along with many up-and-coming artists. It also includes many Canadians: Kenn Burkitt (a portrait that is made up entirely of diamonds probably fake!), Roch Defayette and Rob Surette (TV's Fastest Portrait Painter in the World ). These beautiful, at times quirky, but always revealing works of art cover every stage of her fascinating life and combine to make Diana in Art a unique tribute to an extraordinary woman whose life, work and beauty will live on forever.

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