Fall of the House of Windsor Video

A hard to find video on the turbulent years c. 1992 in the House of Windsor.

Behind the pomp and circumstance, away from the processions and the power, there is something rotten at the heart of the House of Windsor. Like characters in a Shakespearean tragedy the Princes and Princesses, Dukes and Duchesses, seem hell-bent on self-destruction. Certainly the mighty British royal dynasty will not survive in its present form. The authors of this film have spent more than five years researching the great secrets of the royal household. The scenes move from huge country houses rife with intrigue to the highlands of Scotland where lovers reunite in secret(think Charles and Camilla). We even peer behind the barred porticos of the lunatic asylum were royal relatives were hidden from the world. No one is spared. The astonishing innermost secrets of the lives of Diana, Sarah, Prince Edward and Mountbatten are among the stories told in a sympathetic and eminently watchable form. Cynical betrayals are revealed together with details of secret fortunes, sexual subterfuge and much, much more. 70 minutes approx. viewing time. Previously viewed but in good condition. NTSC format for USA and Canada.

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